Creating Value for Turkey since 2003

Since the foundation of 3 Seas Capital Partners in 2003, we have become the sector leader and have completed 120 M&A transactions valued over USD 7 billion. I would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us, especially our esteemed clients, who have been with us since the first day of our establishment.

Although we appear to be finance professionals, just like every other business, our job actually requires crucial sensitivity since it is based on human relations, trust, and experience. I believe that we have built strong and trustworthy relationships not only with our clients but also with all of our stakeholders, by showing our best efforts for the past years.

As partners, we are personally on the field

M&A processes, where transactions may last for months and in some cases even for years, come with significant duties and responsibilities. In order to complete the most accurate transaction structures with the most appropriate planning for our clients, we need to cover more and be active all over the field as much as possible.

My partners and I have over 20 years of experience in M&A. Since the first day of our professional lives, we have attached great importance to taking active part in all our transactions and not seperating one from the other. We have always pursued our business on the field, face to face with our clients, not with e-mails or letters through computer. We take great care to complete each of our jobs in the international arena and with the most accurate transaction structure possible.

Since the first day of 3 Seas Capital Partners, we have not considered any of our projects as temporary, instead, we have established long-term and lasting relationships. This attitude enabled us to take part in the upcoming projects of our clients. As partners of 3 Seas Capital Partners, I would like to express my gratitude to all our esteemed clients, who has believed and supported us along the way.

Best Regards,

About 3Seas Capital Partners

3 Seas Capital Partners

3 Seas Capital Partners is the leading financial institution in Turkey in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Since its foundation, 3 Seas Capital Partners has completed 120 successful M&A transactions valued around USD 7 billion. 3 Seas Capital Partners managed to sustain its leadership position since 2007 in the number of completed deals among all financial institutions in Turkey, while ranking worldwide among the top 100 financial institutions listed in terms of the number of completed deals.

Providing service in every stage of the M&A process, 3 Seas Capital Partners brings together the investor and seller candidates with the potential to build the strongest strategic, financial, and operational advantages and synergies, in transaction structures that yields the best results in the most reasonable timeline for its clients.

Having realized a number of significant transactions with prominent Turkish and global corporations, 3 Seas Capital Partners is engaged in continuous collaboration with leading private equity funds, domestic and international financial institutions, and financial, legal and technical advisory firms.